Is your existing mortgage product coming to an end? Then get in touch today and we can review your situation to help find you a great deal for your remortgage. We can discuss the options available and what happens next to ensure you are always getting great value from your mortgage deal. You may consider fixing the rate so that you know what you’ll be paying for the next few years if you are considering staying put, or you may think about borrowing further money against your property to get some home improvements done or you may be deciding to move house and are looking and what you can get for the future. Whatever you have in mind, we can advise you on the right products to match your needs.

My fixed rate is coming to an end what should I do?
This is completely your choice and depends on your circumstances. Often, you can get a great fixed rate better than moving onto a SVR (Standard Variable Rate) after your fixed rate period ends and sometimes can get a great rate and offer by moving to a new lender. We can review your current situation and provide you with all the information to choose the right option for you.

Should I move lenders?
Again, this is completely your choice and depends on your circumstances. Many people choose to return to a fixed rate with their current lenders but, as lenders compete to get your business, you may find a really good deal or offer from another lender that saves you money and reduces your monthly outgoings.

How much extra could I borrow for home improvements?
If your home has increased in value then its possible that you could consider remortgaging to release equity for a new kitchen, an extension or a new bathroom. We can discuss your options with you, find the right product and communicate with the lender and solicitors to get everything sorted for you. Get in touch today and speak to us about your remortgage.

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