Considering moving house? Then you've chosen the right advisers. We have years of expertise in helping people make a smooth transition to their next property. Its likely you have already gone through the mortgage process and it’s familiar to you. However, mortgages, rates, terms and conditions and more are always changing, and there have been many changes in the last few years alone. P R Mortgage and Protection keep up to date regularly so we know all the latest changes and information for you and we are confident of finding the right product to suit your needs.

Can I port my mortgage over to a new house?
This is often one of the very first questions we get asked and one of the first questions you will ask yourself. The answer is simply, it depends on what the terms are of your current mortgage. Many products are portable and so there is no need to worry but you will need to reapply to your current lender to make sure the mortgage is still affordable. There is also the option of changing lender to get a better rate or options and whether it would be financially beneficial to do this. We can look into this for you and suggest the best options available.

Will I have to pay a fee to port the mortgage?
If you are still within your initial product term and do not port the mortgage then there will likely be an early repayment fee. Sometimes it can be worthwhile doing this anyway in the long term as it could reduce monthly repayments under a better rate. We can check all this out for you before you make a decision.

Should I choose a new lender each time I move?
Again, this is all dependent on whether you will be better off financially by moving or better staying with your current lender and we can check all this out for you. Get in touch today and speak to us about moving home.

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